About Us

Hello. Welcome to BHF Royale Hair. We are so glad you could make it :) BHF Royale Hair was founded on August 21st, 2011 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the name Baya Hada Fada Royale on 4th September, 2012. As at 2017, we have processed way more than 2500 online orders. This is huge in the Nigerian market especially running it from our base in Canada. We partnered with many big factories and offered wholesale mainly initially, our focus have since shifted to selling directly to our customers. Now, we are competitors with those who buy from us and resell. This has opened our eyes on why we think they offer exorbitant prices. They are very Inefficient! From expensive shipping, unneccessary branding to huge shop rent. This can only make the final cost of the product very expensive. Our business base (Canada) has helped a lot (actually a lot) in regards to logistics, tha we can choose to ship directly from our favorite factories to your door step or partner resellers in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and sometimes Yola from whom you pick up. The benefit of this is it reduces our efficient (5 business days) delivery cost by about 60 percent. This is good for us but aso for you as it influence our fair pricing. Unlike many others, we dont think our customers are gullible and so concentrate more on product improvement and not the branding. Those with better product will always prevail over those with exceptional branding of poor product. This is our case; for same reason we are here six (6) years and counting. Find what you love from our various sections and you can order for it online. We’ll deliver right to your door step. We are Nigeria's most patronized & preferred virgin hair. We think our thousands of custoomers already figured that BHF Royale Hair have the best Virgin Human Hair for sale Online in Nigeria.